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Police Facebook account Chief has been Hacked Used For Poker Online Coins

Facebook account Brigjen Pol Muchlis AS, Jambi police chief, hacked alias hacked irresponsible people. It was expressed during a visit to the office Daily Morning Tribune Jambi, Wednesday (17/1) afternoon. While in the meeting room on the second floor of the Jambi Tribune Building, Muchlis said today social media is popularly used for information dissemination. He said he once had a facebook account while serving as Irwasda in Polda Jambi approximately 2013-2017. However, the account was then hacked by irresponsible

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5G Network Technology Comes Faster than Expected

5G network technology will come sooner than expected. That’s what happens on a fifth-generation or 5G network trial. Originally scheduled to take place in 2020, technological advances make time run faster. At least, next year, trials will begin soon. This happens because of the technological advances achieved by those who are involved in this business. Qualcomm, for example. They have accelerated the release of 5G New Radio (NR) specification, 5G global standard. Together with Ericsson, Nokia, and other mobile communications

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Best Educational Game App for Kids

Best Educational Game App for Your Kids – Games for kids are synonymous with high educational value. Can not be denied this time android familiar in the world of children. if parents can not forbid children to play android then you should find educational games to use android according to their age. with this educational game of course you can easily help the process of growing up with the game. this app includes a fun option to play. The game

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