Police Facebook account Chief has been Hacked Used For Poker Online Coins

Facebook account Brigjen Pol Muchlis AS, Jambi police chief, hacked alias hacked irresponsible people. It was expressed during a visit to the office Daily Morning Tribune Jambi, Wednesday (17/1) afternoon.

While in the meeting room on the second floor of the Jambi Tribune Building, Muchlis said today social media is popularly used for information dissemination.

He said he once had a facebook account while serving as Irwasda in Polda Jambi approximately 2013-2017. However, the account was then hacked by irresponsible people, then used for the purpose of deceiving others.

“I used to have facebook when I was Irwasda, hacked people, used to ask for coins … ayamjuve what is it, for online poker uang asli terbaru game,” he said.

After experiencing the incident, Brigjen Pol Muchlis AS did not make facebook account anymore.

Attention to pilkada
Earlier, during a meeting in the Jambi Tribune Building room, Jambi Police Chief, said the police paid special attention to the security of elections in conjunction 2018.

While visiting the office of Tribune Morning Morning Jambi, the original son of Jambi said that of the three regions that organize pilkada, there is one that is most noticed.

Brigadier General Pol Muchlis said Kerinci according to KPU calculations was the number seven sequence, from 170 regions holding the election.

The record is based on previous pilkada experiences.

“For that, I invite media colleagues to work together to keep jagan until things are not in want to happen,” he explained.

Police will try to reverse what the KPU calculations, by making simultaneous pilkada in Jambi Province safe.

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