The goal is to design, implement, and study learning environments that support authentic experiences and connected learning across existing and new networks.

Three learning design principles and structures guide this approach:

1) Organize environments using community support structures and culturally relevant artifacts and practices that serve to connect everyday life with new experiences.

2) Incorporate play, inquiry and project based models through collaboration and playful competition with peers and adults within the learning community

3) Promote critical thinking, literacy and learning with digital tools through differentiated instruction and on going formative assessment.

Working in collaboration with people on projects is my passion. I am continually learning, reflecting and being inspired as I work with others to create authentic, transformative experiences. Since 2007, I have been focused on researching and studying learning across home, school, and various social settings. I have collaborated with numerous colleagues on research publications, writing book chapters, designing online and offline courses and programmatic curricula for in school and after school organizations as well as planning and implementing academic conferences and youth conferences related to new media and social justice issues. For six years prior to 2007, I was a reading and classroom teacher and curriculum designer in Chicago working with youth ages 6-21 using project and inquiry based learning models.

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Specialties: learning environment, curriculum and instructional designer, researcher of digital media, learning and literacy development, teacher

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